What is the first step when CDRC takes on a relocation client?

We give the client a telephone call and ask them to complete our comprehensive Housing Questionnaire.

How many agents do you have and what languages do they speak?

We have half a dozen consultants available, all with written and spoken Dutch, French, English, Spanish and some also have German and Russian.

What is your availability in the evenings and weekends and how quickly can you make somebody available in case of an urgent request?

We can normally have someone available immediately and at any time.

What additional background documentation can you share with the client?

  • ‘Hints for living in Belgium’ by the American Women’s Club
  • Expats Living in Belgium by The Bulletin Magazine
  • Victor et Juliette for French speaking expats
  • Tourist Maps and road maps
  • The CDRC « Welcome to Belgium » book with hundreds of tips about Belgian life including supermarkets, what to do in Belgium with children, Japanese shops, etc etc

What does an orientation trip include?

This is open to HR and/or the expat’s specific needs and requests

What is your range of services?

On Arrival:

Work permits – Medical certificates for WP - VISA D for non Europeans - Residency Visa (all types) – Home search (short & long term) – Furnished apartments – Car importation – Driving in Belgium Introduction and 2 hours on the road – Furniture rental – Leases – Utilities Provision– School search – Moving assistance – Orientation tour – Preview trip – Insurance & banking – House Survey – Food packages – Welcome pack – Hôtel or Business flat booking.


Dedicated Helpdesk – Work Permit and ID renewal

On Departure:

Move out package - Legalisation of Belgian documents for use abroad

Do you work with sub contractors?

No, CDRC undertakes all work directly

Do you have direct and facilitative connections with the relevant authorities which can help the registration process?


Do you help clients with the “Etat des Lieux” or exit survey?


Do you give an “after sales” service? (eg. help with landlord’s complaints or requests)

Yes, we do

Do you have any particular specialisations?

We have developed a comprehensive knowledge and experience of working with Japanese expatriates.

We have very close and direct contacts with many local government departments.

How does your fee structure work?

We have a ‘per assignment’ fee structure. However, we can also offer a ‘per hour’ fee when outside of an established package.